Axence for Education

Program for schools and universities.

The purpose of our company is not only the sales of software, but also to support the growth and education of young people in the scope of modern IT solutions. Within this framework, among others, we provide the flagship solution, Axence nVision®, free of charge for educational purposes, we organize free training, provide information and advertising materials and we support IT events held in educational centers.

Axence dla Edukacji


It is our proprietary project which has been performed in cooperation with state and private universities and high schools for a few years. Within the program we provide the free license for a fully functional version of Axence nVision® software for educational purposes.

Axence nVision® is a solution for the comprehensive management of IT infrastructure, designed for companies and organizations regardless of their business profile and network size. The application responds both to the needs of administrators and network management or IT security engineers, as well as of the executive staff.

What is offered within the program?

  • Provision of computer software Axence nVision free of charge for educational purposes related to the teaching of IT and ICT.
  • Granting a license for use, running and presenting the software within the network environment for the school/university.
  • Enabling the installation and operation of the software on 50 workstations and mobile machines.
  • Training of persons offering classes with the use of Axence nVision software in a remote or direct manner.

Through such a form of cooperation, the students are able to learn new solutions in the scope of IT security and computer network management. Tutors get a modern tool, allowing them to offer classes in an innovative manner, attractive for the participants.

Active cooperation, active work!

While providing our software to educational organizations, we do not limit our cooperation to making available the software. We actively cooperate with schools and universities in creating IT-oriented events, offering expert and material (gifts, prizes, gadgets for participants) support. Additionally, we are eager to support the interesting ideas of students’ research groups and other organizational units which promote the development of students in the scope of IT and ICT.


Simply send a short inquiry to or call +48 12 426 40 35,
in response, we will send you further information and a master cooperation agreement.