Axence nVision® 11.9
Top-quality support

Enhanced HelpDesk
- unlimited support

  • Management of ticket and article visibility
  • New automation mechanism
  • Enhanced assignation and closure of tickets

Selected new features 
in Axence nVision®

Visibility management

  • Granting and revoking access to selected tickets for specific employees
  • Defining the rules of ticket visibility on the basis of the category and group of the submitting person
  • Publishing internal articles in the knowledge database, visible only for support employees and administrators

New automation mechanism

  • New conditions in the rules for creating tickets
  • Automatic notices for selected users, submitting person or handling person
  • Footnote with information on the ticket to which the notice pertains

Enhanced assignation and closure of tickets

  • Possibility to assign tickets on the basis of the group to which the submitting person belongs
  • New form for closing tickets with the possibility of adding a summary comment

Audit of local directories

  • Monitoring of operations on files
  • Management of user authorizations
  • Alerts of dangerous actions

Axence nVision® 11.9 offers a significant extension of the HelpDesk module which enhances the work of people responsible for technical support in the organization.

Tickets visibility – take care about confidentiality and procedures

A key novelty that increases the data security level is the management of ticket visibility for the HelpDesk employees. Thanks to this feature, the relevant employees of the support department may focus only on tickets assigned to them. It is particularly helpful in companies handling external tickets, multi-branch organizations or in the case of posting helpdesk employees to support specific departments. This functionality will most certainly be welcomed by Data Protection Officers who will be able to set the visibility rules so that no one but them has access to tickets concerning violations regarding personal data security.

Use predefined automation rules

The assignation of tickets on the basis of groups to which a given user belongs offers new possibilities in ticket management. There have also been substantial changes in the mechanism of automatic email notices that may now be easily created for all interested parties. The possibility to generate a report summing up all instances of exceeding the SLA metrics has been added. The extended search engine in the HelpDesk module allows for the search for attachments and a detailed search through the comment section.

Protect files on local disks

In the latest version of nVision, the DataGuard module enables the tracing of operations on files located in local directories, setting various levels of authorization for them and creating alerts triggered by selected actions of users. 

Management of ticket and article visibility 

The new functionalities enable the technical support employees to ensure the better security of information that should not be available to persons not involved in a given project. Now it is possible to create tickets and internal articles visible only for specific support employees. 

New automation mechanism

The information on events within a specific ticket may be more easily sent to many addressees. It is enough to indicate, in the automation section, the users’ names, email addresses or tag the submitting or handling person. The notice messages are more legible and transparent thanks to additional information about the ticket available in the footnote.

Assignation of tickets on the basis of the group

It allows for the definition of processes dependent on the group of the user. In the sample scenario, a given support employee will be responsible for all tickets originating from the employees who belong to the “financial department” group.

Adding comments to closed tickets

This function is particularly useful if, apart from solving the problem, we would like to sum up the completed tasks or provide extra information to the submitting person.

Protection of files in local directories

The functionality of the DataGuard module that has previously been available only for external carriers is now expanded to local directories, raising the level of data security. It allows for limiting/ expanding authorizations to use files, tracing operations performed on them or setting alerts about unwanted actions. 

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