Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is the SmartTime module for?

On the basis of Administrator guidelines, it collects the activities of users from nVision and classifies them into productive, neutral and non-productive. In addition, it offers a transparent interface for users and their superiors which allows them to follow the activity indicators for any selected periods of time.

What is the difference between SmartTime and Users module?

SmartTime presents data about activities in a legible way, which makes it easy to filter and search for relevant metrics directly in the web browser. What is more, unlike Users, SmartTime treats desktop applications and websites as entities of the same nature, so you can see the all user activity in one place. SmartTime also enables the setting of criteria for employee activity assessment by defining thresholds for desirable and undesirable activities, and sends alerts when the thresholds are crossed.

What are the benefits for the IT department?

The main benefit for the administrator is the removal of the obligation to draw up reports for other departments, and the transfer of the entire responsibility for measuring employee activities directly to their supervisors.

How long can I use SmartTime for free?

The 60-day free trial period is available to all nVision 11 users who enable SmartTime by the end of October 2019. The users who enable the SmartTime module between 1 November 2019 and 31 March 2020 will be entitled to a 30-day free trial period. After that the free trial of the SmartTime module will no longer be available.

How should I perform the first start-up?

First of all, it is recommended to open nVision, and then:
- go through the current hierarchy of users and, if necessary, assign relevant superiors/ managers/ directors,
- define user groups and appoint group managers who will have access to the statistics of the members of their group,
- import data from nVision, if you want to have access to historical data in the SmartTime module (Tools tab in the ribbon).

In the next step, in the SmartTime module you should:
- go through applications used in the company and assign them with relevant productivity statuses,
- create own categories and assign individual applications to them,
- adapt other settings to your needs

I don’t have the Users module – will SmartTime work for me?

Yes, for SmartTime to operate it does not need the Users module, so it will work without any problems. It can be enabled in nVision at the information bar visible at the bottom of the console.

Will activity data from the Users module be visible in SmartTime?

Data from the Users module may be imported to SmartTime on the condition that they were not compacted in nVision. The time frame of imported data depends on the activity data retention set in nVision.

Is it possible to disable the SmartTime module?

Yes, the SmartTime module may be disabled at any time by going to Options -> Services configuration.

How to assign applications to selected statuses of productive/ non-productive/ neutral?

Statuses are assigned in the “List of applications” view which may be accessed by every Administrator. They may be assigned collectively for all selected applications or individually. In the same way, you can assign applications to categories created earlier in the “Settings” view.

Will the SmartTime module be expanded with further functions?

Yes, the module will be constantly expanded. At the next stage of works we will focus on the introduction of effective solution for tasks and projects management. We will also regularly check the opinions of users and adapt the module functionalities to the needs which are most often expressed

Who may create user groups and how?

The management of groups is available in the nVision console. Only the administrator is authorized to create groups and add members to them.

Can I assign 2 different statuses to the same application (productive and non-productive) depending on the department/ team that uses it?

Yes, this is the reason behind groups. The application that is non-productive globally may be productive for any defined group. In order to achieve such a result it is enough to add this application as “Exception” in the selected group.

Is it possible to remove data from SmartTime?

Yes, it is possible. Use the tool for data removal from SmartTime (Options -> Maintenance) and remove data about activity in any selected period of time.

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