In Axence we develop software,
which helps to manage IT infrastructure,
regardless of its size.

Meet our complex set of tools for any IT professional.

Axence nVision® it is a set of 5 modules

which offer huge possibilities for every business:

Unlimited number
of network devices monitoring.
  • Detect anomalies in the network devices to avoid costly breakdowns.
  • Check the performance of the server and Internet connection
  • Control humidity and temperature in server room to prevent breakdowns.
up to 10 nVision Agents for free
learn more
about modules based on Agents
  • IT department workload saving
  • Licensing and printing costs optimization,
  • Important data leakage via a portable storage and mobile devices risk reduction.
  • Fast software and hardware inventory
  • Effective teamwork with the ability to grant permissions to individual administrators.

Learn more about nVision Agents

"We chose Axence nVision, because it is very convincing that we have all the functions consolidated into one program. To obtain the same range of services we would have to buy at least 2-3 other applications."

Marcin Czupryński,
IT Projects Manager, Drosed SA

"We assess the program as very good as well as the work of technical support."

Jerzy Kowalczyk,
Head of IT Department, Kino Polska TV SA

"Axence nVision helped us with network administration on daily basis and improved the security of the infrastructure in the company. It improved the control of hardware, software and IT assets. Until now, it was not as effective and took a lot more time IT staff."

Maja Kleszczewska
CEO, Toyota Radość


Over 10 years of the professional experience
Over 600 000 installations worldwide
Solution of the year in CEE Microsoft contest
Product Of The Year in IT Professional Magazine


Everything you want to know about the Axence and our software.

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What's New News

Axence nVision 9.2 overview

We would like to introduce next major update of our flagship software Axence nVision. Check out new abilities of network monitoring and prevention followed by lots of improvements in HelpDesk module.

/ Joanna Bułat
What's New News

Axence nVision 9.1 is ready to download!

The new version of Axence nVision® software has just been made available. What changes have been introduced?

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How much do you lose on a bad IT management?

Read the latest expert commentary and learn about the costs of poor IT management. Find out how to protect your organization.

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What's New News Announcements

New generation IT management: meet Axence nVision ® 9

We are launching the ninth edition of Axence nVision® software. The new release not only features additional functions and improvements, but also revolutionizes the licensing method. Try it out today!

/ Paweł Mydło
What's New Knowledge

How to get 100% knowledge of your network?

The Agent, a small program installed on every workstation in the company, will be helpful. It’s mainly used to provide full network intelligence and support its security. But this is only a small part of the advantages of agent monitoring.

/ Paweł Mydło
What's New Knowledge

What is shadow IT? How do I protect my network?

The grey area of software used at work without authorisation from the IT department is growing and may entail harsh consequences. How do you combat shadow IT?

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