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What's new in nVision® 14?

Ticket approval in HelpDesk

Facilitate the decision-making process in your organization! No more waiting for being granted the access! In Axence nVision®, you can easily create your own ticket approval flows, indicating the people who should make a decision regarding the execution of a specific ticket. Model flows adjusted to the structure of your organization and match them to the ticket category. The system itself will send notifications with a request for approval and notify the appropriate people.

Acceptation 1Acceptation 3

Create procedures that will allow you to easily meet audit requirements or security standards, as well as ensure the accountability of the entire decision-making process. You gain indefinite possibilities of defining flows - any chosen users can participate in the process, and the decision itself may be required from one or all of the people involved in the process. You can also apply the flow to existing tickets.

Build approval flows for various applications

  • purchase / equipment replacement
  • granting access rights to users
  • license purchase and software approval

... and any other tasks, the solution of which requires the approval of superiors or employees of other departments!

Decision-making automation with nVision:

The server sends a notificationto nVision about a failureA new ticket is createdin the hardware categoryA defined decision-makingprocess regardingthe equipment purchaseis launchedDecision-makers analyzethe risk of another failurevs. new equipment purchaseAcceptance by the ITdepartment and forwardingthe decisionDecision made- purchase completedA new ticket is createdin the hardware categoryApproval of the Administration/ManagementThe server sends a notificationto nVision about a failureA new ticket is createdin the hardware categoryA defined decision-making process regardingthe equipment purchase is launchedDecision-makers analyze the risk of anotherfailure vs. new equipment purchaseAcceptance by the IT departmentand forwarding the decisionDecision made- purchase completed

Software repository

Make your daily work more convenient! Instead of constantly authorizing the installation of the same application on dozens of computers, it is enough to add it to the list of trusted programs and each user will be able to install it themselves.

Thanks to it, the IT department gains time to do more important work and the users can enjoy greater independence. No more requests to install a PDF reader, graphics program, or an alternative web browser. From now on, a set of authorized applications is created by the IT department, and users have access to them directly from the nVision agent on their computers.

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Application kiosk

New notification channels about alarms

MS Teams and Slack

Receive notifications about alerts generated by nVision via popular instant messengers. Just after text messages, e-mails and desktop notifications, this is another method that allows you to quickly react to potential security threats to your network.


You do not have access to SMS gateways? Now you can also use the commercial SMS API application to send numerous messages directly to your phone.

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Notification channels

Registry editor from nVision

Gain the ability to edit the registry on devices with the Agent installed. Communication within the registry editor is fully encrypted. This is another action in HelpDesk that you can perform remotely!

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Registry editor


See the full list of changes and new functionalities

Ticket approval flows - defining the process in which a user obtains approval from designated people in the organization.
Assigning approval flows to ticket categories.
Software repository with applications - defining applications allowed for self-installation by users from MSI packages.
Software repository with applications - assigning available installers to user groups.
Remote registry editor.
Possibility to change the connection port for the management console.
Possibility to change the connection port for the Inventory Assistant application for Android.
OAuth 2.0 authorization for alert notifications and ticket processing in HelpDesk (eg Microsoft 365 Exchange Online).
New alert actions: notifications via MS Teams and Slack messengers.
End of support for ICQ alert action.
New alert actions: integration with SMSAPI

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