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At Axence, we're constantly innovating and improving our security solutions to meet evolving needs of our clients. With nVision 14.5, we're delivering on that promise once again.

Our latest release offers a wide range of advanced security tools and functionalities designed to bolster your security architecture and safeguard your sensitive information. With improved login and authentication mechanisms, seamless integration with CERT lists, and remote encryption with BitLocker, you can rest assured that your data is in safe hands.

Take action now and upgrade to Axence nVision® version 14.5 for the ultimate security experience.

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Safeguard Your Network Against Malicious Websites with Security Lists (including CERT)

In today's digital landscape, protecting your network and users from dangerous websites is more critical than ever. With Axence nVision® version 14.5, we're introducing a new feature that allows you to integrate with security lists, including CERT, to block access to malicious websites.

Our latest release offers an efficient mechanism that allows for easy and global distribution of consolidated lists of blocked sites, creating lists of blocked websites that are shareable between groups and users, and streamlined handling of lists for blocked website addresses. In addition, we provide a default list of the CERT service (for manual enabling) and the ability to download any list from the indicated addresses.

Security list

Secure Your Network Access with Advanced Multi-Factor Authentication

Since we understand that access security to the Axence nVision® console is a top priority for our clients, we decided to introduce multi-factor authentication (MFA), which adds an extra layer of protection to your organization's security.

With MFA, users will be required to confirm their identity using at least two different methods, such as an authentication code sent via email and/or SMS. We're also introducing password requirements that align with current standards, including the option to set password length, use capital letters, digits and special characters, and enforce regular password changes.

By using MFA and stronger authentication methods, you not only provide enhanced access security to your network and infrastructure, but also protect it better against unauthorized login attempts.

Protect Your Sensitive Data with Remote Drive Encryption Using BitLocker

Securing your data is always a top priority. That why in the latest version of Axence nVision®, we are proud to offer BitLocker encryption, ensuring the highest level of protection for your sensitive data.

With our advanced remote disk encryption functionality, you can encrypt your system drive and other drives linked to your computer. This feature is especially helpful in case of theft or hardware loss, as it provides a high level of protection against data breaches. From now on, IT Administrators can also manage and store the recovery key securely within the Axence nVision® console, making sure that valuable data remains protected.

User activity

Detect and Prevent Suspicious User Activity

As cyber threats continue to grow, it's essential to stay vigilant in order to protect your organization from malicious activity. With the latest version of Axence nVision®, we've introduced a powerful mechanism to detect and prevent suspicious user behavior, including the use of jigglers, which generate repetitive mouse movements.

Our solution goes beyond simply identifying connected physical devices, allowing us to detect popular jigglers and other suspicious behavior. With Axence nVision®, you can monitor and account for user activity, define alerts for suspicious activity, and generate reports that display this information. Plus, the automatic user screenshot option can provide valuable evidence in the event of a security breach.

Take Full Control of Your Virtual Machines

Managing and monitoring virtual machines is crucial for ensuring the smooth operation of your IT infrastructure. With Axence nVision®'s latest extension to our free Network module, you can take full control of your virtual machines running on VMWare.

Our updated Network module provides a comprehensive list of virtual machines and their current status, including whether they are running, not running, or suspended. This allows you to better monitor and manage your assets, giving you greater control over your IT infrastructure.

And that's not all - with our new feature, you can send running, not running, or suspended commands for each virtual machine, providing even more flexibility and control.

VMware monitor


See the full list of changes and new functionalities!

  • Multifactor Authentication (MFA):

    • MFA required for logging into the nVision desktop console
    • Sending authentication code (6 digits) via email and/or SMS. Support for both phone numbers in the user profile (landline, mobile)
    • Defining a time limit for storing the user's login
    • Emergency access to the console - possibility to bypass MFA authentication if nVision console and nVision server are installed locally on the same machine
  • User password requirements in nVision:

    • Setting the password length, use of uppercase letters, numbers and special characters
    • Auto-forcing a password change when someone logs into the desktop console with a password that does not comply with the requirements
  • Jiggler and other suspicious activity detecting:

    • Detecting when a user solely moves the mouse or has the same key pressed for 15 minutes
    • Universal mechanism for examining user behavior, detecting all popular jigglers on the market and future jigglers that work on a similar principle
    • Defining an alert on detecting suspicious activity and displaying it in reports
    • Enabling screenshots for the user, which will run automatically when suspicious activity is detected
  • Integration with external website blocking lists, in particular the CERT list

    • Mechanism for global distribution of a consolidated list of blocked websites to all Agents
    • Creating website blocking lists shareable between atlas, groups and users
    • Improved performance of website blocking lists
    • Auto-download of dynamic website blocking lists as a TXT file from any designated address
    • Default dynamic list to start with CERT (manual enabling required)


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