Axence nVision® 9.3

Axence nVision® 9.3 – one step closer to your business

  • Service Level Agreements (SLAs) support
  • knowledge about processes running with elevated privileges
  • other valuable features and improvements

Featured changes

SLA in HelpDesk module

  • metrics
  • reports
  • bank holidays and other non-working days management


  • HelpDesk – browser chat notifications
  • Users – information about processes running with elevated privileges
The newest Axence nVision® introduces Service Level Agreements (SLAs) management. SLAs can be signed e.g. between the IT department of a parent company and the technical support team of a subsidiary. The function can also be utilized to improve the quality of IT support services in smaller organizations.
The HelpDesk module now enables detailed configuration of SLAs and in-depth reporting possibilities. Time savings, better organization of tasks, faster response to incidents, shorter downtimes – these are just a few of the many advantages of implementing an SLA-based technical support.
Non-working days management a feature closely related to SLAs management. You can setup bank holidays and other days off work. SLA metrics will be automatically paused these days.
Browser chat notifications are convenient from a user perspective. Never leave your main browser window to see new messages from coworkers.
Information about processes with elevated privileges (Users Module, host info → user activity → applications - usage) is another useful feature for administrators who want to limit the number of security incidents in their networks. In Axence nVision® 9.3 you can check which users are using applications that runs with elevated privileges and then decide whether to keep it or not. If employees do not need elevated privileges to use the software, reduction of privileges will not affect their work, and will help protect network against malware that exploits privileged access through various applications.

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