Monitoring activity on switch ports

Axence nVision Pro allows for the detailed monitoring of activity on switch ports. Information on port status, connected devices, and network traffic on the given port is read with the use of SNMP. The program reads MAC addresses of connected devices, thus allowing devices previously not connected in the network to be identified.

Support for SNMP Traps

Axence nVision Pro enables the use of SNMP Traps. Therefore, you will be able to actively respond to events occurring on network devices supporting SNMP.

Monitoring of Windows service status

Axence nVision Pro monitors the status of Windows system services. With use of WMI the program reads information on the services working on the device. It gives information about a change of service status on a current basis, or even reacts when the service stops and restarts it automatically.

Windows event log entries

Windows event log contains a multitude of significant information. Axence nVision Pro monitors entries in the log for selected devices. If an entry meeting the specified criteria is found, the program may react. Information from event logs of numerous devices is stored in one place.

Support for syslog messages

Axence nVision Pro provides collecting activity logs from devices in the network and send syslog messages. This makes it able to immediately react to events occurring on the network devices.