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The reason to implement Axence nVision® was that it’s easy to deploy and manage, mostly the all-in-one administrator console that collects and relates the information between modules. We have used Axence technical support several times and they were very fast to respond.

Diana Todorova, CIO, EUROINS


As an ISO 27001 certified company, we have strict requirements for installed software. With Axence nVision® we have full and detailed access to the list of installed software in the organization, as well as the availability of detecting unlicensed. We use local Partner and Axence technical support – we are very satisfied. Axence nVision® is easy to install, manage and maintain.

Ivan Tanev, CIO, Bulgarian Stock Exchange


Axence nVision® software is stable, easy to use and user-friendly. After implementation, our company’s infrastructure has been more secured.

Girmantas Boza, IT engineer, Northway Biotech


Axence nVision® has just the right amount of features and functionality. Installation is quick and easy, the basic configuration and menus follow a logical sequence and are intuitive. nVision Administrators can get it working and collecting valuable data in a short time, even before implementing thresholds and alarms.
Jorge Olenewa, Network and Wireless Data Communications Professor, George Brown College


Axence nVision made our work significantly easier since we have a global view or PAA network and configuration. All requirements and area of interests were met or even exceeded our expectation. IT department can now focus its attention on simplification and unification of our solutions.


The YMCA of Coastal Georgia is a regional association of YMCA’s. The association consists of 12 branches with 8 physical locations. These locations are spread out amongst 4 different counties in Southeast Georgia. Each branch has it’s own internet service provided by 5 different companies based on geographical location as well as provider availability. The entire network is made up of a mixture of T-1, DSL, and Cable internet providers and is tied together with a Linksys Hardware VPN system. There are more than 200 network devices and computers on the Network: Cisco Routers, SonicWall Firewall, Linksys VPN, HP Procurve managed switches, private and public wireless routers, PC’s, printers, and servers (Windows 2000/2003 Servers and Linux server).

My business has been using Axence nVision for over 5 years and this product is my go-to for everything I need for my business and my clients.  The new Secure Remote Access for remote users is a plus and a great feature that I began to use in 2020 when it came out.  I have the ability to gather logs to see access, software updates, and so much more.  The inventory is well worth the price.  I always get great support if I ever need. If I am asked what product out there is great for inventory, helpdesk, remote access, licenses and other options that Axence nVision offers I always refer them to this. In fact I also added this tool to the hospital that I was the IT director at for several years. My staff loved it because it was so easy to use and install on all the workstations and servers.  

Randal Pacheco, CEO, PACH Secure Technology LLC, Hawaii


NDI S.A. is a Polish capital-based developer and building company, which has been working as a developer, general contractor, investor or co-investor and performing investment projects in the real estate and infrastructure market for more than 23 years. Our portfolio covers the construction of hotels, offi ce buildings, including the head offi ces of prestigious insurance and bank institutions, as well as residential and commercial facilities.


Axence nVision is a single software consolidating all the functions required for the management of the entire IT infrastructure. It is a feature-rich system which is the perfect choice for companies focusing on network security, risk reduction and software legality. The online audit function provides Phoenix Contact Wielkopolska with full insight into the changes in the hardware and software configuration on each workstation, and therefore we are always ready to perform the legality audit.


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