Who are we?

Axence has been providing professional solutions for the comprehensive management of IT infrastructure for companies and institutions all over the world for more than 18 years.

Our flagship product, Axence nVision®, responds to the key needs of IT administrators and security officers in the scope of network and user monitoring, hardware and software inventory, remote technical support, data protection against leakage and analyzing productivity at work. It enables the management to optimize the operating costs of any IT infrastructure, regardless of its size.




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years on the market

  • 10 Golden Bits and a number of other industry awards,
  • Solution of the year in Microsoft CEE Contest,
  • 10/10 in IT Professional magazine test,
  • IT Professional magazine Product of the Year – consecutive prizes in 2012 – 2022,
  • Technical Support at the highest global level.
  • Cybersecurity Made in Europe Recognized by ECSO with

Axence History


23/04/2024 The release of Axence nVision® 15.5 brings changes and improvements that support even more efficient and effective work management. Access rights to assets in the Inventory module have been improved, thanks to which selected administrators can have assigned access to specific departments and, therefore, full control over assets, licenses, or documents only from their assigned departments. Bulk editing of assets, simultaneous work by multiple administrators on announcements, and new selection windows have been introduced. The toolbar in remote access has been improved; in the latest software version, it is compact and allows full visibility. The new functionalities and user-friendly interface in Axence nVision® 15.5 provide a new standard for management.


7/11/2023Axence nVision® 15 sets a new benchmark in remote access and IT oversight. With the revamped remote access module in HelpDesk, support teams can now cater to an infinite number of connections concurrently, ensuring seamless and uninterrupted assistance. The updated HelpDesk also fine-tunes user experience with adaptive controls, allowing selective access to ticket categories, Knowledge Base articles, and user profiles, ensuring tailored and more efficient team operation. Truly, Axence nVision® 15 promises infinite possibilities in remote access and IT management and security.

06/06/2023Axence nVision® 14.5 is a release that brings numerous enhancements to data protection and cyber security. The new version of the software offers integration with the CERT list, multi-factor authentication, BitLocker remote disk encryption, detection of suspicious user activity, and monitoring and management of VMware virtual machines. It's a comprehensive solution that provides greater control and security in your IT environment.

18-27/04/ 2023Admin Days Global 2023, an exceptional edition of the Axence educational series, that will go down in history as a record-breaking event in terms of attendance and number of experts. For the first time, this popular online event expanded its reach worldwide. Over the course of six days filled with inspiring lectures, workshops and knowledge exchange, more than 4,500 participants from 45 different countries registered to take part.


9/12/2022Axence nVision® 14 has been awarded as IT Professional's Product of the Year in the "Monitoring and Management" category. This is another win for our software, which we are particularly happy about, as it was our users who contributed to this award. We thank you for your trust and are motivated to continue improving our products.

9/12/2022Axence has received a prestigious award - the CYBERSECURITY MADE IN EUROPE seal of approval from the European Cyber Security Organization (ECSO). This is the result of Axence's consistent efforts focused on developing its business in accordance with the highest standards. This title confirms that the Axence brand operates in compliance with EU laws, such as the protection of users' personal data, and meets EU cyber security requirements.

27/09/2022The release of Axence nVision® 14 brings many innovations to the HelpDesk module. The introduction of an software repository enables employees to install MSI packages on their own, speeding up deployments. Automation of ticket approval processes makes it easier to get approval from supervisors and monitor progress. In addition, new notification channels such as MS Teams, Slack and SMSAPI enrich communication within teams.

17/05/2022The release of nVision® 13.5 focuses primarily on a new asset inventory feature via a mobile app for users with Android smartphones.


22/12/2021The release of Axence nVision® 13.0 is a big game-changer for the HelpDesk module. A refreshed interface, additional whistleblower handling functionalities and ready-made legal document templates make the ticketing system more up-to-date, efficient and compliant with EU directives.

17/12/2021Axence nVision® 12.5 has been selected by the readers of IT Professional magazine as Product of the Year 2021 in the "Monitoring and Management" category. In addition, we won first place in the poll of the monthly magazine "IT in Administration" in the "Security Software" category. This excellent award is a token of appreciation from our clients and confirms the high quality and effectiveness of our software.

30/06/2021Axence nVision® 12.5 made its highly-anticipated debut on June 30, 2021, representing a significant milestone in addressing the evolving work models prevalent in today's business landscape. Among the innovations introduced are the SmartTime module for private time and functionality for supporting remote users.


12/10/2020The launch of the 12th version of Axence nVision® in which the most important new feature is AdminCenter – the functionality which allows an IT command and management center to be created in your organization.  

AdminCenter allows you to create your own interactive dashboards in your web browser where key parameters and events in the IT network can be shown live. Not only can the data be viewed on computer screens, but also on large TV screens and slide projectors. 

For more information, visit: https://axence.net/admincenter

11/26/2020Further awards of the IT Professional and IT w Administracji magazines. For the ninth time in a row (2012 – 2020), Axence has received the award of the IT Professional readers in the category of the Product of the Year 2020 “Monitoring and Management” and the award of the IT w Administracji readers – 3rd place in the category “Security Software”.


03/11/2020 Axence nVision® 11.5 introduces crucial changes in the Inventory module, making it cutting-edge IT Asset Management (ITAM) and Software Asset Management (SAM) tool. It enables to easily store and contol all devices, documents, software licences and other IT assets in one place.

09/29/2020The next major update to Axence nVision®. This time, there are major changes in the HelpDesk, which has been provided with a new automation mechanism, visibility management tool, and many other innovations and improvements.  

For detailed information on changes in version 11.9, please visit: https://axence.net/en/nvision11-9

09/01/2020Axence becomes the founding member of the first Polish cluster of cybersecurity companies – #CyberMadeInPoland. For more information, please visit: cybermadeinpoland.pl.  The purpose of this cooperation is to form and develop safe cyberspace in Poland and to promote Polish companies abroad. We are starting cooperation with business, government administration and foreign partners. A representative of the company has joined the Cluster Board and we undertake to coordinate the cluster projects.

02/01/2020Axence celebrates its 15th anniversary. During that time, Axence nVision® has become a comprehensive multi-module IT management software used by thousands of organizations both in Poland and in the far-flung corners of the world. We would like to thank all of our customers who have trusted us and created this history together with us.


10/15/2019 Launch of Axence nVision 11 and the new web-based SmartTime module for business applications to help better manage the work time thanks to employee and team activity indicators.

05/15/2019 the “AxencePartner Day” conference at the National Stadium combined with the release of the “Masters of the Web” Report of the Nationwide IT Administrators Survey conducted by Axence. The first Axence expert report has been widely received in the national and professional media. It is also the first-ever conference dedicated to Axence Authorised Partners.

05/13/2019 Release of version 10.5. geared towards strengthened security in IT management.

04/01/2019 Axence represents Poland at the National Stand during the Hannover Messe Fair as one of 20 innovative Polish companies.

03/26/2019 Another “IT Professional” recommendation and the 9/10 score in the editorial tests for Axence nVision®

03/19/2019 The "AdminDays" cycle, a new format of educational meetings for the community of IT administrators, has started. Axence invited experts from the cybersecurity and IT management sector to work in cooperation.


12/11/2018 Axence nVision is double-awarded Product of the Year 2018. For the seventh time Axence nVision® is the IT Professional Product of the Year in the Monitoring/Management category.

11/27/2018 Axence nVision 10.3 is released with special attention to user comfort and security.

05/22/2018 Premiere of Axence nVision® 10, delivering new quality of user management and monitoring.


01/17/2017 The release of Axence nVision® 9.1.


12/02/2016For the fifth time in a row Axence nVision® is awarded with the Product of the Year title by the readers of IT Professional magazine.

10/11/2016 The release of Axence nVision® 9, including extended reports in the HelpDesk module, substitution calendar and management of software installation from the nVision console. It is also the moment of a significant shift in licensing policy. The FREE/PRO versions are giving way to free, fully functional licensce for up to 10 Agents.

08/01/2016 IT Professional monthly publishes a test of Axence nVision® with a score of 10/10.

03/25/2016 Axence nVision® 8.5 debut equipped with redesigned HelpDesk module introducing automation based on the premise of Condition -> Action.


12/02/2015 For the fourth time in a row Axence nVision® is awarded with the Product of the Year title by the readers of IT Professional magazine and ranks 2nd in the contest in the IT in Administration magazine.

10/12/2015 As one of world’s 60 best start-ups we participate in TechMatch Slovakia 2015.

06/29/2015 Premiere of Axence nVision® 8. We introduce a knowledge base, ticket categorization and e-mail integration in the HelpDesk module, refresh the interface, Android device inventory, and many other new features and improvements.

06/11/2015 Axence nVision® awarded with 2015 IT Leader title in the NETWORK category at IT Future Expo trade fair.

03/05/2015 We are celebrating an anniversary at Axence. 10 years on the IT management market!

02/01/2015 We set out for our first longer trip to USA as part of the Silicon Bridge program. We are looking for partners, participating in conferences, talking to investors. This is the beginning of the expansion of Axence in the United States.


12/17/2014 For the third time Axence nVision® is the IT Professional Product of the Year in the Monitoring/Management category.

12/12/2014 Axence nVision® is the hit of the January edition of PC World magazine.

10/06/2014 The RoadShow starts – a series of free training sessions on IT infrastructure security, organized by Axence in cooperation with Bakotech, SpamTitan and Webroot.

05/30/2014 Axence Revolutions! The release of a new, free edition of Axence nVision® Free and nVision Pro 7.5, the rebranding of Axence, and a new website. We also introduce Axence Account.

02/05/2014 Axence nVision® for the tenth time is chosen as the best solution of GigaCon conference and receives another Golden BIT Award.

02/01/2014 Introduction of a new Partner Program.


12/02/2013 Axence nVision® gets the 2013 Product of the Year title from the readers of IT Professional magazine in the category: Monitoring/Management, and Axence NetTools – in the category: Utilities.

11/05/2013 The release of Axence nVision® 7 with remote console.

07/03/2013 The release of Axence nVision Starter – the first free version of the software.

03/09/2013 Axence exhibits at CeBIT Fair in Hannover.

01/01/2013 Axence is dynamically growing: within a single year the number of employees is doubled, the company’s expert position in the sector is strengthened.


12/03/2012 Axence nVision® gets the 2012 Product of the Year title from the readers of IT Professional magazine in the category: Monitoring/Management.

04/06/2012 The release of version 6 of Axence nVision®, strongly integrated with Active Directory, and the premiere of the new Axence website.

03/10/2012 Axence at the international CeBIT Fair in Hannover for the first time.


06/05/2011The release of e-service Axence Cirrus performed under the framework of the EU project Innovative Economy.


10/26/2010 The release of the groundbreaking version Axence nVision® 5, which set out the new quality and functionality standards in the network management software market.


06/23/2008 Axence nVision® gets the Microsoft Networking Infrastructure Solution of the Year 2008 prize, awarded during Microsoft Worldwide Partner Conference in Houston, USA (July 7-10, 2008).

06/13/2008 Axence nVision® is awarded with a distinction in the Microsoft Poland “Application of the Year 2008” contest.


05/05/2007 The first implementations of Axence nVision® in such renowned companies and organizations as: US Air Force, NBC Universal, Nestle.

01/31/2007 The release of the first version of Axence nVision® (under the name of NetVision); the software, by its dynamic development, gained fame as one of the most innovative and comprehensive solutions for the management of IT infrastructure available on a global market.


05/18/2005 The release of the first Axence software, network diagnostic utilities: Axence NetTools, which quickly won worldwide popularity and until now – presently as a fully free solution – records a few thousand installations each month.

02/01/2005 Axence was established in Krakow by Grzegorz Oleksy.

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