nVision 12.5

Integrated IT management and security

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nVision 12.5
  • Network

    Monitoring of network devices

  • Inventory

    Hardware and software audit

  • Users

    Company data security and employee performance

  • HelpDesk

    System of notices, chat room and remote help

  • DataGuard

    Data protection against displacement



    When you need to monitor the devices which are present and operating in your network and when you want to be informed in advance about any potential failures in the network.


    When you want to have a full list of installed software close at hand, track app licenses, store and manage all IT assets in one place.


    When you want to prevent problems with the security of company data, and care about the efficient management of user access and authorizations.

  • HelpDesk

    When you need to manage notices of employees and respond to them easily, and you want to quickly provide them with remote help.

  • DataGuard

    When you want to increase the security level in your organization by protecting your data against leaks and network infection from pen drives, and when you want to define security policies for the connected storage media.


    When you care about the identification of employee and team activities which consume the most time, and want to optimize the effectiveness of work in key areas.

New functionalities available to every user
  • AdminCenter

    When you want to create your own dashboards with key IT network events and parameters and watch data regularly refreshed on large TV screens and slide projectors.

Axence nVision is a software consolidating all the functions required for the management of the entire IT infrastructure. It is a feature-rich system which is the perfect choice for companies focusing on network security, risk reduction and software legality. The online audit function provides Phoenix Contact Wielkopolska with full insight into the changes in the hardware and software configuration on each workstation, and therefore we are always ready to perform the legality audit.

Ewa Marchewka,
IT Specialist, Phoenix Contact Wielkopolska



  • prevention of costly downtimes by detecting the potential failure reasons
  • humidity and temperature monitoring in server room
  • time saving – transparent reports available immediately
  • more control over system processes
  • better performance of business processes due to comprehensive insight into the operation of crucial services
  • support for AES, DES and 3DES encryption for the SNMPv3 protocol
list of features

Axence nVision® helps me to locate and diagnose problems in the operation of the network and individual machines before their users even know that something is going wrong. I can check in an instant whether the networks in my branches are working without trouble and whether the CPU or memory in any of the machines is overloaded.




  • IT Asset Management – management of all assets for which the IT department is responsible
  • details and records of actions performed on the assets throughout their life cycle, possibility to define statuses and fields, and generation of hardware hand-over protocols
  • view of assets, applications, documents and licenses for an individual user or a separate view by assets assigned to devices
  • assigning a document to multiple assets at the same time
  • Software Asset Management – advanced application and license management system
  • tracking any type of license, including modelling cloud licenses
  • tracking licenses by user, device, serial number or installed application version
list of features

The most visible change, which has occurred after the deployment of Axence nVision® software, is the time saved through the automation of computer inventory taking – now the IT staff can focus on activities more effective than manual data input.

State Archive in Katowice



  • full user management based on security groups and policies
  • data are gathered and assigned to a specific user, so all access rights, authorizations, application and website policy, and monitoring policy follow them automatically, regardless of the computer on which they are working
  • optimizing the work organization – knowledge of the time spent on specific activities enables the improvement of the business processes
  • minimizing the cyberslacking and improving the employees’ performance
  • distinction on which device a given activity has been performed
list of features

After the implementation of Axence nVision® software, user awareness concerning the responsible browsing of Web resources and the effective use of computers for professional tasks have grown significantly.

DEFUM S.A. Machine Factory



  • creating and managing trouble tickets (assigning to administrators)
  • comments, screenshots and attachments in the trouble tickets
  • setting up custom fields linked to the selected ticket category
  • automations based on the assumption: condition » action
  • planning replacements in assigning trouble tickets
  • advanced report system
list of features

The technical support and training, which can be offered with this software, are revolutionary. At any time a user can ask for help in the handling of any function – and I do not need to plan a personal visit at some time in the future or try to talk the user through the actions on the phone. I estimate that this function alone saved me 44 hours only in the last month. I will not mention how many troubles it solved within the IT department and the entire organization when I was away on vacation.




  • automatic assignation of default monitoring and security policy to the user
  • reducing the risk of strategic data leak through the use of portable storage and mobile devices
  • saving money and time required to restore lost data
  • defining the policy of corporate data transfer by employees together with appropriate Authorizations
  • possibility to delete non-existing/ disposed of data carriers (e.g. flash drives)
  • alarms about connected external devices (without the “trusted carrier” attribute
list of features

As we expected, after the implementation of Axence nVision® the administrators gained knowledge about the devices connected to the network. Thanks to DataGuard, it is possible to define the access rights to selected data media for individual users. Data transferred on USB flash drives are also controlled. The entire solution is perfect for integration with Active Directory.

Bank Spółdzielczy in Raciąż


Wise use of time

  • insight into one’s own activity statistics on a selected day
  • manager’s access to activity indicators for subordinates and selected teams
  • verification of time spent in front of and away from the computer
  • list of the most popular websites and applications, with the number of minutes spent on them
  • indicator of the time devoted to productive, non-productive and neutral work
list of features

The possibilities offered by SmartTime correspond to our needs. nVision is not only a vital tool for every IT administrator, but it also provides key knowledge for managers and employees for everyday work. It relieves the IT employees from the need to generate reports. From now on the business section has easy access to data and transparent indicators.

Bartłomiej Czernecki – IT Director, VOTUM S.A.


IT command and security center

  • interactive dashboards and widgets showing data from nVision modules
  • adding and managing an unlimited number of dashboards
  • dashboards automatically refreshed every 1 minute
  • sharing dashboards in read-only mode through a link
  • displaying dashboards in light and dark modes
  • ability to add widgets from the following modules
List of widgets

Download NVISION

  • Version: (24.NOV.2021) / Changelog
  • Language version: EN
  • File size: 208 MB
  • OS: Windows 64 bit

IMPORTANT: remember to add the Axence nVision® installation folder to antivirus software exceptions.

Mobile Fixed Assets (Android)

Download the Mobile Fixed Assets application, which cooperates with Inventory module, to take inventory of the fixed assets in your company or institution even quicker.


Language version: EN, PL
File size: 1 MB
OS: Android

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