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6 Benefits of Innovative Helpdesk Solutions

6 Benefits of Innovative Helpdesk Solutions | Axence

Technical support, the popular helpdesk, is one of the most important departments of any company or organization. The specialists who deal with IT failures on a daily basis serve as the first line of defense from expensive downtime and breakdown repairs. How many business processes can you improve in order to minimize the risk of a serious incident? How many resources, including money, can you save? This is common knowledge to anyone who has ever experienced a situation when IT system failures shut down the work of key associates or departments, often for many hours. The conclusion is simple: provide top helpdesk quality. But how?

History shows that technical support engineers often need various forms of support themselves. With limited human resources, an avalanche of service tickets can entail a bottleneck, which raises the risk of a serious failure. What should you do? Implement software, which “helps to help”. Its costs are considerably lower than the potential losses to your company. Which features of this solution can improve the work of the support department and what benefits do they entail?

<center>Marcin Matuszewski - Axence Technical Support Engineer</center><center>Marcin Matuszewski
Axence Technical Support Engineer</center>

1. Knowledge Base

This is one of the “most visible” functions of any helpdesk software, which allows you to create guides for employees containing solutions to the simplest problems. Its implementation allows technical assistance specialists to focus more on the submitted tickets.

2. Process automation

Automations, which make it easier to process the tickets, have been available in selected helpdesk systems for a while. They can be used to create individual rules for various scenarios, which can potentially appear in ticket circulation. They save the time of the technical support team and the people reporting the problems. Assign tickets to appropriate categories based on certain key words, generate answers referring to articles in the Knowledge Base, change the status following a user action – these are only some of the tasks which you can automate with dedicated software.

3. Mobility

More and more companies have a branch structure, which makes things difficult for technical support engineers. Most problems can be solved remotely, but some require on-site visits. How do you manage tickets when you’re on the road? Every innovative helpdesk system should provide access from mobile devices, which ensures a quick reaction to critical problems from anywhere in the world.

4. Real-time refresh

You should check whether the helpdesk software allows you to refresh subjects/tickets and notify in real time – this enables smoother and faster ticket processing. An additional advantage is ticket categorization, which immediately tells us what kind of a problem to expect.

5. Ticket history all in one place

This feature makes it easier to analyze user behavior and establish who or what causes failures most often. Analyzing such data enables you to take countermeasures, which will minimize the breakdowns in the future: referring the most destructive employers to a security training course or buying new equipment to replace the most faulty one.

6. Data on local server

Even though cloud solutions are popular, only a local database ensures completely secure information sharing, because the data concerning errors and failures never leaves the company. This is especially important for publicly traded companies, where such leaks can entail downturns, loss of shareholder confidence, or damage to the company’s reputation.

Marcin Matuszewski, Axence Technical Support Engineer.

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