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Axence nVision 7 Pro is available now!

Axence nVision 7 Pro is available now!

On November 5, 2013 we published the new release of Axence nVision – our flagship software for integrated network management and optimization of IT infrastructure security. 7 Pro introduces long awaited remote console. These can be installed on Administrator machines and allow for the parallel use of the software, thus effectively improving the work of any IT division. The more people working in the administration of the corporate network, the more visible the positive changes will be! Download nVision 7 Pro more about nVision The remote console starts up instantly – within a few seconds (in local network). The main application window is displayed to the administrator. But this is not all! Subsequent updates of nVision Pro, also scheduled for this year, will additionally enable: management of administrator rights: access to specific machines and machine groups (e.g. selected company branches), right to perform specific actions (e.g. remote access to machines, reports from workstation monitoring, etc.) access log: full information on actions executed by specific administrators. We encourage you to perform tests (we have prepared a new trial period for you) or to update the currently owned version of Axence nVision. In case of any questions or comments on the operation of our software, please do not hesitate to contact our Technical Support Department or to visit our forum.

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