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Axence nVision Agents

Axence nVision Agents

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Axence nVision software collects and monitors a lot of detailed information from your company networks. The most advanced functions, allowing for the inventory of IT assets to be carried out or user activity to be monitored, among other features, additionally employ the so-called nVision Agents. These are small programs running as services on monitored machines.

What are nVision Agents used for? Agents are necessary, if you want to:

[/column_1] [column_1 width="1/2"]

Monitor user activity

Improve your company security and cut costs by monitoring
  • users' network traffic
  • visited web sites
  • application usage (PRO)
  • printing costs (PRO)

[/column_1] [column_1 width="1/2" last="true"] Improve your company security and cut costs by monitoring: users' network traffic, visited web sites, application usage and printing costs. [/column_1]

[column_1 width="1/2"] With nVision Agent you can carry out full inventory of hardware and software. You will learn what resources the computer has and what software is running on it. [/column_1] [column_1 width="1/2" last="true"]

Carry out hardware and software inventory


[column_1 width="1/2"]

Protect data with the use of DataGuard

  • Want to know about all the pendrives and disks used by the users in your network?
  • Want to know what they copied? (PRO)
  • Want to assign access rights? (PRO)

[/column_1] [column_1 width="1/2" last="true"] With nVision Agent you will learn about: all flash memory drives and disks used by the users in your network, you will check what was copied and you will be able to grant access rights. [/column_1]

[column_1 width="1/2"] The remote access function is available through the Internet, routers and NAT. [/column_1] [column_1 width="1/2" last="true"]

Provide remote technical support with the use of HelpDesk (selected functions).

The remote access function is available through the Internet, routers and NAT. (PRO) [/column_1]

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Is it safe to use the Agents?

All information sent by the Agent is secured with a 256-bit key. The database is also password protected.

What network traffic is generated by Agents?

All data are compressed before sending and uncompressed after reaching nVision. Agents send small packages every few hours. Mean daily traffic generated by a single Agent is approx 100kB.

What resources does an Agent have?

An Agent stores approx. 30 - 50 MB of data. CPU usage should be very low (0 - 5%), up to 15%. [/column_1] [column_1 width="1/2"]

How to install nVision Agents?

  • Active Directory GPO
  • WMI
  • a pendrive or network

Once installed, the Agents will update automatically. You will be able to uninstall them anytime with the nVision console. [/column_1] [column_1 width="1/2" last="true"] Installation of nVision Agents can be performed with the use of Active Directory GPO, WMI, with a flash memory drive and via the network. [/column_1]

Find out more about Axence nVision Agents in "Axence nVision – User Manual"


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