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New feature! Axence User Account

New feature! Axence User Account

To improve the comfort of our Users, along with the Axence nVision update to version 7.5, we have introduced the Axence Account, enabling you to manage licenses, access latest information about new features and promotions (newsletter), and, in the future, you will become a member of our community.

  • Starting from version 7.5, Axence nVision Pro license has no license key in the form of .ALS file (old keys are valid only for older versions, e.g. 7.1, 6, etc.).
  • At the moment the license has the form of an activation code which is manually pasted into the programme or downloaded from the Axence Account. (How to activate the full version of Axence nVision Pro?)
  • The activation code generated by Axence is automatically sent directly to the assigned Axence Account user (in the case of the first purchase, the administrator also receives licensing information by e-mail).
  • Who should have an Axence Account set up? Each license is associated with an Axence Account which should be created for a specified user, preferably the administrator, who will be responsible for Axence nVision Pro within a given company. (Enter Axence Account >>) Thus, Axence nVision Pro will automatically download all updates or license changes (NOTE: The user must at least once log in to the Axence Account from the level of nVision – Logging in from nVision level)
  • Each license change, including expansion of the license, change of the Maintenance Agreement period, or extension of the license validity period, is performed with the use of the Axence Account, and the Customer does not receive any additional/ new code. The automatically modified license is sent to Axence nVision.
  • Who can set up an Axence Account? The Account may be created by the user on their own or by Axence (at the user’s request).
  • What data are necessary to create an Axence Account? The following information is necessary to set up an Axence Account:
    • full name of the administrator (or another specified user who will be responsible for Axence nVision Pro within the company/ institution)
    • e-mail address
    • name of the company/ institution which owns the license.
    • If a user already has an Axence Account set up, this information will allow them to be found in the user database and to merge their account with the new license.
  • Do I have to have an Axence Account for trial licenses? Yes, the requirement to create the Axence Account applies to all types of licenses: trial, time-limited and time-unlimited ones.
  • If you already are our Customer: We have already created an Axence Account for you and we have generated the license for version 7.5. Please check your mailbox and proceed according to the received instructions. If you have received no information, please contact our Sales Department at:

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