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Regular application updates protect the company against cybercriminals

Regular application updates protect the company against cybercriminals

Experts raise the alarm

Researchers from F-Secure have published disturbing data, which prove that more than 70 percent of companies neglect the necessity to regularly update software. This may result in the leakage of strategic data and tangible financial losses. It turns out that software security gaps are still a frequently used gateway for cybercriminals to penetrate into corporate networks.


A group of experts from the United States Computer Emergency Readiness Team claims that by applying the current updates to known software security gaps, companies can eliminate the risk of approx. 85% of advanced persistent threats (APT). At the same time only 27% of companies have a tool for the central management of updates. Such a solution is available in the HelpDesk module of Axence nVision.

How to update software on many computers simultaneously?

An administrator using Axence nVision can prepare a remote software installation on selected workstations if Axence nVision Agents are installed. First of all, based on the information gathered by Inventory module, he/she can check which machines are running on outdated versions of the application. Let us assume the application in question is Mozilla Firefox web browser. Using smart maps, the administrator can check which computers require a software update. Then he/she creates a distribution task for the installation file, to be executed after copying, and runs it on machines without the need to leave the office and perform the updates manually on each computer. The person using the computer may receive a message that their browser will be updated. If computers do not receive the task request, e.g. because the staff has finished work for the day, it will be executed the next time the Agent and Server connect. To check Axence nVision functionalities in this scope, test the free full version of the software for 30 days.

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