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Dorian Pożyczka

The release of Axence nVision® 14

The new, refined HelpDesk module is finally here! Facilitate the decision-making process in your organization, work smart, and gain more time! Discover some of the new functionalities that we have prepared for you in Axence nVision® 14.

Create your ticket approval flows

In Axence nVision®14, you can easily create your own ticket approval flows, indicating the people who should decide on the execution of a specific ticket. The system itself will send notifications with a request for approval and notify the appropriate people in your organization.

Enable secure apps in a convenient, self-service software repository

From now on, instead of constantly authorizing the installation of the same application on dozens of computers, it is enough to add it to the list of trusted programs and each user will be able to install it themselves. As a set of authorized applications is created by the IT department, users have access to them directly from the nVision agent on their computers.

New notification channels about alarms

Among other novelties, it is also worth highlighting additional notification channels to which an alert from nVision can be sent. Now, apart from text messages, e-mails and desktop notifications, you can also receive notifications about alerts via MS Teams and Slack messengers. The commercial SMS API application is at your disposal, too!

Visit our website and learn about all brand-new features introduced in nVision14

And most importantly, if you have a valid Service Agreement, you can download the current version of the software right away, at no extra cost! If your Service Agreement has expired, we encourage you to contact us and get a new quote.

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